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Myra Kraft Open Classroom: Boston in 2030

A panel on homelessness in Boston - part of the Myra Kraft Open Classroom Series

Date: 9/20/2017

Time: 6pm to 8pm
Location: West Village F, Room 20

“Ending Chronic Homelessness”

Homelessness has been a constant factor in American cities as financial or personal hardships cause individuals and families to lose their places of residence. Veterans, women, and children have been particularly hard hit, and homelessness has severe and complex health and educational impacts on individuals, families, and cities. What planning and programming are taking place to eliminate homelessness in Boston, and how can we think differently about the causes and effects of having our neighbors living on the streets, in cars, and in shelters?


-Laila Bernstein, Advisor to the Mayor for the Initiative to End Chronic Homelessness, City of Boston
-Thomas Byrne, Assistant Professor, Boston University
-Libby Hayes, Executive Director, Homes for Families

Free and Open to the Public – follow our live tweets using #OCNEU

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