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NS4G Giving 2019-2020

This Year’s Giving

2019-2020 NS4G Grantees: South End Community Health Center ($10,000)
The Fall 2019 NS4G cohort chose “Overcoming Barriers to Mental Health Care Among At-Risk Adolescents and Young Adults” as their 2019-2020 funding priority. The pandemic necessitated a move to remote learning just as the Spring 2020 team was moving into its decision-making phase, so they were especially attuned to the challenges community-based service providers would face as they transitioned to online modalities. South End Community Health Center’s plans to shift its school-based programming to virtual meetings struck them as swift and effective.

Fall 2020 NS4G Grantees: Sociedad Latina ($5,000); Boston Area Gleaners ($625); GreenRoots, Inc. ($625)
With classroom-based teaching still disrupted, we are breaking the NS4G funding for 2020-2021 into two awards to give students in both the Fall and Spring semesters a hands-on giving experience. This year’s funding priority is “Supporting Racial Justice and Community Needs During COVID-19.” Students awarded the $5,000 Fall 2020 grant to Sociedad Latina for its holistic and inclusive approach to meeting community needs during the pandemic. Thanks to a private gift, students were also able to make smaller awards totaling $1,250 to Boston Area Gleaners and GreenRoots, Inc.

The Spring 2021 award will be made in April.

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