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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: One Love Foundation

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As a part of the month of events, OPEN, in partnership with the “One Love Foundation” is launching an initiative on campus aimed at raising awareness and prevention of intimate partner violence.

We are looking for students from organizations across campus who are interested in becoming peer trainers so that they can bring the One Love workshop (which uses video and discussion) back to their group (and possibly to other groups!). If you or someone within your organization is interested, please fill out this short form

As a Peer Trainer, you will:

Make a difference in the Northeastern community by helping to prevent intimate partner violence
Join a community of students and staff working to end violence
Deepen your understanding of domestic violence and spread that knowledge to others
Gain experience and skills that may be useful to your career

Your commitment:

· Attend and participate in the 90 minute workshop given by a One Love Staff member
· Stay for an additional 90 minute “Train the Trainer” workshop (Both of these are on the same night!)
· Facilitate the workshop with the student group you represent
· Help to present the workshop to other student groups who don’t have designated trainers (Sign up as you are available)
· Spread the word about the training to other student groups
· Commit to at least one full semester (Fall 2016)
One Love and OPEN staff will work to support trainers in making sure they feel prepared to spread the message and facilitate discussion.

We are looking for students who:

· Are passionate or committed to bringing this information back to their student organization, team, ResHall, or friend group
· Feel like they would be comfortable facilitating group discussion (We would train you and have you facilitate in pairs.)
· Feel ready to discuss this issue with others
We know that some people find the video used to be triggering. Please consider if the time is right for you to be involved in this way.

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