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Pallavi Dasari – Presents her ESS Research

pallavi dasari

Pallavi Dasari presents her ESS Research with help from faculty and support from Human Services Program.

My research explores how Muslim American and Arab American youth use social media as a tool for responding to and coping with the implications of racial profiling in the post 9-11 era.  This research idea was born out of an initial project for SOCL 2270: Race and Ethnic Relations, which I took with Professor Mindelyn Buford in Spring 2014. Professor Buford encouraged me, though I had no prior research experience, with her constant support and guidance since I began this journey. Without her encouragement I would never have thought myself capable of pursuing this research. Through her mentoring on the kinds of research in sociology, media content analysis, and consistently providing me with resources and connections, I have not only been able to become more confident in my work, but in my capabilities as a student as well. Professor Buford has taught me how to understand and approach research methods and has shown me the appropriate manner in which to write and organize thoughts and findings. Professor Buford has pushed me to apply to present my research at conferences and to share my research in any way possible, on and off-campus. Recently, the Eastern Sociological Society (ESS) accepted my paper for an oral presentation and, therefore, I will have the opportunity to present my research in a venue, with the support of the human services program at Northeastern. At the ESS conference, I will be able to connect with individuals who are interested in studying similar topics, as well as to network with leaders in sociology and cultural research. Furthermore, I will be able to enhance my understanding of how this work can promote cross-cultural communication and identification of patterns of discrimination. Through attending such conferences, I will not only be able to get more experience in the field but I will be able to advocate for religious and cultural acceptance by exposing how Muslim and Arab Americans have been affected by sensationalism and ignorance.

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