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PIH Engage Presents: Faces of Global Health

green flyer with 5 photographs of speakers for Faces of Global Health

Engage in a panel discussion on global health

Date: 4/3/2017

Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Location: 010 Behrakis Health Science Center
Sponsored By: PIH Engage (a member of the Global Health Equity Council)
More Information:

Students will hear from many different people in the realm of global health including:

  • Dr. Regan Marsh, Brigham and Women’s EM doctor, Partners in Health employee, and doctor in Sierra Leone during Ebola crisis.
  • Shan Mohammed, a professor with expertise in public health
  • Brook Baker, a law professor with expertise on HIV and AIDS policy
  • Emily Chiasson, a physician’s assistant student at Northeastern University
  • Dr. Richard Wamai, leader of the Integrated Initiative for Global Health alongside Professor Pollastri.

Students will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions to the panelists throughout the 2 hour event. Food will be served.

Faces of Global Health event flyer

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