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PPE/Ethics Institute Speaker Series

PPE/Ethics Institute Speaker, Dr. Larry Blum

Title:“Can School Integration Bring About Equal Education?”

Time: 12:00-1:30pm

Location: In-person (240 Dockser Hall) or Zoom (register here)

Abstract: Racial integration has been oversold to the American public as a low-cost route to equality of education. Educational equality can be created only by reducing inequality—of both a class and a race nature—in the wider society. Serious reduction of poverty, and challenging the wealthy’s “opportunity hoarding” are necessary. Integration by itself is a diversion from the need to challenge white supremacy, requiring a reparative justice response, and the extreme class-based inequities of our current social order. However, integration is a vital component of the moral, civic, and social aspects of education that have been sidelined in our current neoliberal era. Bringing diverse populations into the same schools and classrooms, as a school like CRLS does, is a necessary foundation for preparing future citizens of our multiracial democracy.

Learn more about the series and event here.

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