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Spring 2020 Service-Learning Leadership Opportunities for Students

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We’re excited to recruit our Spring 2020 cohort of student leaders for the Service-Learning Program at Northeastern!

Applications due Thursday, October 24

Priority is given to applications received by October 24th and then considered on a rolling basis until positions are filled. 

Undergraduate (sophomore & above) and graduate students welcome. Read more about each program and access the application through the following links:


Service-Learning Teaching Assistants (S-LTAs) act as a liaison and resource for S-L campus and community partners. Therefore, the S-LTA program is designed around five goals:

  • training and supporting student S-LTAs to develop their leadership skills;
  • assisting faculty members to implement the best practices of S-L in their course;
  • supporting community partners to help ensure partnership goals are met through student and faculty engagement;
  • aiding student service-learners in meeting their academic and service requirements and commitments; and
  • serving as an extension of service-learning staff to facilitate a quality program that is academically rigorous and socially and ethically responsible.

S-LTAs are typically assigned to a single course, and therefore support a specific faculty member, cohort of students, and one or more community partnerships throughout the semester. In many ways, S-LTAs act as a project manager and logistics coordinator for the course and associated partnerships as a way to foster the principles of community engagement in the course.


The Service-Learning Street Team is a team of trailblazers focuses on two primary areas, (1) accompanying S-L students to their orientation or first day of service while providing an asset-based perspective of our neighboring communities, and (2) extending the marketing and outreach capacity of the S-L Program both on campus, in the community, and through social media.

Read reflections from current and former student leaders on the S-LOG!

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