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Understanding and Reducing Inequality in Education

The Fall 2021 Economic Policy Forum on Economic Policy, (In)equality, and Economic Justice continues next week with Susan Dynarski, Professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, to talk about inequality in education. This forum will also be accessible via zoom and will be facilitated by Associate Professor Alicia Sasser Modestino.

Susan Dynarski’s research focuses on understanding and reducing inequality in education. Dynarski’s research focuses on educational inequality, program evaluation, the effectiveness of charter schools, financial aid, and the effect of education reforms on academic achievement and educational attainment. The Chronicle of Higher Education named her one of the “top ten influencers and agitators of 2015,” calling her “The Sensible Explainer.” Senator Lamar Alexander cited her research in his advocacy to simplify the FAFSA, which was signed into law as part of the December 2020 U.S. Budget Act.

To Register:–GbGnvrKs6Zw

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