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Virtual Storytelling Workshop

There are two great virtual storytelling workshops coming up for anyone looking to expand empathy and delve into difficult conversations.

Workshop #1: Sympathy Leads to Charity, Empathy Leads to Change:
A Conversation about Partnering with Individuals & Communities to Tell Their Own Stories 

December 1st 1 pm – 3 pm EST $20

Research shows that using stories to evoke pity can be successful in raising money for short-term goals and services, but that this approach is also likely to more deeply embed stereotypes that make long-term social and policy change more difficult. As organizations wrestle with how to tell stories in an impactful and ethical way, what’s clear is that social service organizations on a whole aren’t doing enough to put users of services and the people most affected by any given issue in the driver’s seat when it comes to framing and sharing their own stories. In this training, we’ll look briefly at what the research says and then discuss tangible strategies organizations can take to shift culture and partner with people who use their services to shape the stories they tell both about individuals and about broader policies.

Who should attend? This training is a great primer to think about your organization’s storytelling practices and identify areas you may want to explore further with your team. It’s perfect for (1) Front-line and service-delivery staff wrestling with how to find and share stories; (2) Communications and development team members; and (3) Any team members responsible for shaping storytelling culture and policy. 


Workshop #2: Leading Consent Conversations & Conducting Interviews that Elicit Perspective, Boundaries & Community-Centered Stories 

December 10th 12 pm – 4 pm EST $40

The process of asking someone to share their story is the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how, when, where, and why they want to share it and how they want to shape it, but that can only happen with an intentional and specific two-way dialogue. During this interactive and skills-based workshop, participants will explore these ideas in-depth, re-think what goes into consent forms as a way to foster dialogue, role play, and develop skills for empowerment-based interviewing. This is not a webinar, and we won’t be staring at slides! We’ll work in pairs and small groups, and have larger group discussions. We’ll take turns being storytellers and dissect practical tools.

Who should attend this workshop? Anyone working in a position at a nonprofit, legal services, or health care organization where they directly ask clients / patients to share their stories, and/or anyone who works with those individuals to document their stories.


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