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Myra Kraft Open Classroom: Experience the World’s First Interactive Climate Change Cartoon-athon

Co-designing Cartoons to Enrich Learning and Dialogue

Presented in partnership with Cartoon Collections, the world’s largest cartoon licensing website

Cartoons illuminate the incomprehensible by highlighting what is unacceptable yet accepted. Can they help us make sense of a world in the throes of climate change?

On Wednesday, February 12, world-class artists and humorists will collaborate with our live and online audiences to create cartoons that humanize complex and sobering lessons shared by Myra Kraft Open Classroom presenters:

  • John Coley, Associate Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University
  • Eva Kaso-Collette, Grief Circle Coordinator, Sunrise Movement Boston
  • Pablo Suarez, Associate Director for Research and Innovation, Red Cross Climate Centre

Collaborating Humorists

  • Paul Bisca
  • Emily Flake
  • Peter Kuper
  • Rebeka Ryvola
  • Danny Shanahan

Join us for this groundbreaking experiment in person or via live-stream.

When: Wednesday, February 12, 6- 8 pm
Where: West Village F 020, Northeastern University OR Live-stream

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