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2019 NULab Annual Report Released

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We are delighted to share the NULab’s 2019 annual report, which is available here.

2019 was a busy year for the NULab and this report highlights the milestones and accomplishments from our community. We have had an exciting year of interdisciplinary research, innovative teaching, and events programming with participants from the Northeastern community, Boston, and beyond.

In 2019, the NULab’s significant accomplishments include:

  • Over 20 events, including lectures, workshops, and conferences, reaching over 600 attendees. The annual conference in 2019 addressed themes of “Digital Storytelling”; our March 2020 conference will focus on “The Technologies of Democracy.” A full listing of events is included in the appendix to the report.
  • 22 NULab seedling and travel grants, including 8 to faculty, and 14 to graduate students. A full listing of grants is included in the appendix to the report and also on the NULab web site.
  • NULab faculty published one book and over 50 articles, and produced other important research artifacts (code, websites, etc.). Notably, significant portions of this research were collaborative and cross disciplinary: over half of these works are co-authored, many of them across disciplinary boundaries. A full listing is included in the appendix to the report and also on the NULab web site.
  • Our faculty produced 43 external grant proposals, 17 of which were funded, one was declined, and 25 are still pending. In 2019 our faculty held 17 externally funded awards.
  • We expanded the Digital Integration Teaching Initiative (launched in 2018) to cover 42 courses taught by 32 faculty, working with more than 900 students.

Looking forward to 2020, we are excited to continue with our interdisciplinary research, teaching, and community-building! We hope that you will engage with the NULab, either in person through our upcoming events or with our online resources and projects. Our warmest wishes for a productive and successful new year!

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