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Announcing: Community Engagement Toolkit

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The DITI team is pleased to announce that we have developed a new resource for community members, students, and faculty interested in digital resources and tools. In addition to continuing our commitment to excellent classroom instruction, the DITI now offers a Community Engagement Toolkit comprising general resources, slides, examples, handouts, and other learning materials for a variety of digital tools, including StoryMap, Google My Maps, Audacity, Timeline, and WordPress. To access this new resource, please visit our Community Engagement Toolkit page.

This toolkit joins the growing collection of DITI resources that can be used by anybody at any time, such as our resources for asynchronous teaching and learning, our general teaching resources collection, our sample course modules, and our available DITI tools page. We encourage the adaptation and reuse of these resources.

We hope that teachers, students, and members of the community will find this toolkit useful! Please contact the DITI team with any questions or feedback. 

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