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Jewish-Muslim Diasporic Workshop

As recipient of a Special Initiatives Fund award from the American Academic of Jewish Research (AAJR), Professor William Miles of the Political Science Department convened at Northeastern on October 6 the first encounter of a Workshop on “Jews in Muslim and Shared Diasporic Lands.” The purpose of the AAJR Special Initiative grant is to “encourage projects of academic collaboration between Jewish studies programs (or faculty) between two or more institutions, either in the same city or in cities in close geographical proximity to each other.”

Professor Miles teamed up with Alan Verskin, Associate Professor of History at the University of Rhode Island, to apply for the grant and organize the Workshop.
Other institutions represented at the Workshop were Brown University and Stonehill College.  In addition to Professor Miles, doctoral student Alice Verticelli represented the department at the Workshop.  A follow-up Workshop encounter is being planned for the spring semester in Rhode Island.

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