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Tuesday, November 16th at 6 PM in 909 Renaissance Park

Talk description:

Must cybersecurity always be every man for himself? Consider the pervasive cyber-insecurity of the American homeland, monetized so effectively by ransomware groups. Citizens, as victims, receive no meaningful help. Neither intelligence services nor defense forces use their formidable capacities to shield Americans from foreign cyber threat actors.

Israel is among the few states who seek comprehensive civilian cyber resilience. We will contrast the ends, ways, and means of American and Israeli national cybersecurity. The goal is to better position societies to benefit from the global digital transformation, not to judge who performs better.

Dr Lior Tabansky offers a unique cybersecurity grasp, combining academic research in International Relations, 15 years of IT-pro work and business experience in formulating cyber strategies for nations and enterprises in Asia and Europe. Dr Tabansky is the Principal Investigator for the PROGRESS Cyber-Capability Maturity Model, which analyzes a sector of economy and improves sector-wide resilience in large-scale international development projects. “Cybersecurity in Israel,” Mr Tabansky’s 2015 book co-authored with Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, is the first comprehensive “insider” account of Israeli policy and operations.