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Student Organizations

Politics and leadership are natural allies. As you study and experience politics during your undergraduate years, you will have opportunities to change the world around you and develop leadership skills. Whether in the Department of Political Science, across the university, or off-campus, your involvement can start you down a rewarding path of leadership. It’s up to you, however, to take advantage of the opportunities.

Within your political science experience, there are a number of opportunities to make a difference and develop leadership skills. For example, you can take advantage of class assignments to assume a lead role on a group project or activity. Co-op and internship assignments also provide many opportunities to develop leadership skills.  Also, involvement in any of the over 300 student organizations on campus that cover a broad range of activities, from academic to advocacy to recreation, is an opportunity to meet like-minded students and develop leadership skills. The following are several of special interest to political science undergraduates.

Across the university, there are additional organizations and programs that provide opportunities for involvement and the development of leadership skills.