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The Transdisciplinary Training at the Intersection of Environmental Health and Social Science began in 2015 with its first 5-year funding award and was subsequently awarded a renewal of funding in 2021 for an additional 5 years. The T32 Training Program provides support for doctoral students for three years each and post-docs for two years each. Trainees divide their time between SSEHRI and Silent Spring Institute, with time spent working with additional Northeastern faculty and community organizations as well.

The T32 Training project is led by Prof. Phil Brown (NU) and Julia Brody (SSI).

Environmental Health-Related Courses taught by T32 Core Faculty and Faculty Mentors, include:

  • Phil Brown: SOCIOLOGY 7267 Environment, Health, and Society (Fall 2021, Tuesdays 1:35).
  • Matthew Eckelman: CIVE 5275 Life cycle assessment of materials, products, and infrastructure (Fall 2021, Mondays and Wednesdays 2:50).
  • Philip Larese-Casanova: CIVE 2334: Environmental Engineering: Science, Technology, and Sustainability (Fall 2021, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 1:35); CIVE 2335: Environmental Engineering Chemistry (Fall 2021, Mondays and Wednesdays 2:50).
  • Susan Mello: COMM 4102 Health Communication Campaigns (Fall 2021, Wednesdays & Fridays 11:45).
  • Kelsey Pieper: CIVE 5300 Environmental Sampling and Analysis (Fall 2021, Tuesdays at 9:50); CIVE 73XX — Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Equity and Engineering (Spring 2022, schedule TBD).
  • Steven Scyphers: ENVR 5450 Applied Social-Ecological Systems Modeling (Fall 2021, Thursdays 2:00).
  • Jennie Stephens: PPUA 5264 Energy Democracy and Climate Resilience: Technology, Policy and Social Change (Fall 2021, two sections offered: one in person on Mondays at 2:00, and one online).
Award Information: National Institute of Environmental Health T32 ES023769, 2015-2026.