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Abrielle De Veaux

Psychology, BS
Africana Studies Minor
Behavioral Neuroscience Minor


Abrielle always knew that she wanted to be an Africana major or minor as an undergraduate. Over the past few years, she became increasingly concerned about the impact the pandemic, hate crimes, and police brutality have had on the mental health of marginalized communities, particularly Black Americans. Ultimately, it has fueled her motivation to pursue psychology for her own career path, and to advocate for intersectional practices in psychology so everybody can access support during difficult times now and in the future.

Abrielle’s Path

“It is one of the greatest misconceptions in academic spaces that Africana studies degrees don’t hold much weight. These programs are worthwhile, particularly for non-Black individuals, because they allow you to see outside of yourself and glimpse into the lives of other people and communities. To be able to take an academic and informed point of view on someone’s condition is necessary for any career path you choose. Moreover, unlearning engrained belief systems and world views is just as important as learning is in both academic and works settings–lives depend on it.” 

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