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Alanna Prince

English PhD Candidate

Alanna Prince is a PhD candidate in the university’s English department.  Her work focuses on late 20th and 21st-century Black literature and visual culture, with a particular emphasis on historical resonance, poetics, and gender/sexuality. She also has participated in several Digital Humanities projects on campus, including the Early Caribbean Digital Archive, where she acts as a Metadata and Acquisitions Lead. Prince was awarded an Experiential Graduate Fellowship in Spring 2021 and was placed at GBH, where she works on several projects in the Education Department. Her work with GBH is centered around assisting in developing programming for underserved communities and help fill gaps in K-12 history and social studies curriculums. Prince is dedicated to social justice and equity, particularly in terms of anti-racism, feminism, prison abolition, and healthcare access.

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Previous Institutions: Bates College (BA)

Program and Fields: PhD; archival theory, Critical Race Theory, contemporary Black literature and visual culture

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