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Allison Donine Deese

Sociology PhD Student

Allison D. Deese is a doctoral student in the Sociology department at Northeastern University and a member of the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute (SSEHRI). Her research examines how community-based organizations adapt to cumulative disaster exposure, focusing on addressing challenges posed by major disruptive events and climate change. Allison uses qualitative and computational methods, including GIS and network analysis, to illuminate the social structures that shape resilience within organizations and communities at large. Allison received an en-route MA in Sociology from Northeastern University and a BA in Environmental Policy from Pitzer College. Allison has an extensive background in community-based research, over 500 hours served in disaster response, with extensive public service and volunteer experience in Southeast Asia. While at Pitzer College, Allison researched the gendered impacts of climate change and disaster in Nepal and Sri Lanka. After completing her undergraduate degree, Allison worked on community-level disaster adaptation and response efforts as a regional preparedness coordinator for the American Red Cross and as a Coastal Resources Management volunteer with the Peace Corps in the Philippines. Allison is passionate about fostering local capacities and cross-sector coordination to address socio-environmental concerns. Areas of Research/Interest:climate change, adaptation, organizational resilience, community-based organizations, social network analysis, climate migration, and gender.

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Allison Donine

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