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Alvaro Gutierrez Boada

MA in International Affairs

Graduated in 2020

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I graduated with a journalism and linguistics degree, which allowed me to get a fantastic job as a Spanish teacher and cultural guide in Madrid. After some years, I decided to switch my career and move to Boston to pursue my Master of Arts in International Affairs degree at Northeastern University, which was such an amazing experience for me. Moving to another country is always a tough decision but also a very rewarding one. At Northeastern I found a friendly community who was always happy to help and share, which made the cultural shock much easier to cope with. Not to mention, the high-quality faculty from who I learnt so much.

I did my co-op at NATO Defense College, in Rome, right before the pandemic started. Indeed, I was there when Italy became the first European country in suffering the consequences of COVID. But I managed to enjoy most of the experience and worked hard enough to get a position there some months later. When the situation got a bit more stable, I was able to come back to Rome and start working there, now as Staff Assistant. I will be always thankful to Northeastern for opening the world of international affairs to me!

Areas of Expertise: Global Governance, NATO, European Union

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