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Anastasja Abraham

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Ana is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in American Politics and Comparative Politics. She has a strong background and interest in nationalism, the politics of exclusion in the American far-right, and American political history. Ana has taught Comparative Politics twice as an instructor of record. She has also served as a Teaching Assistant for Modern Political Thought, U.S. Civil Liberties, and Holocaust and Comparative Genocide.

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Originally from Upstate New York, Ana holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Northeastern University. She enjoys reading, traveling, and Boston sports..

Prior work

While enrolled in the Master of Arts in Political Science program at Northeastern University, Ana completed a Master’s Thesis under the guidance of Dr. Natalie Bormann. This project consisted of a contemporary examination of Arendt’s scholarship, viewed through the lens of the current trends of migration and immigration from Latinx majority countries to the United States.

Research Interest: 

Ana’s dissertation research focuses on the points of tangency between traditional Lost Cause mythologies and the broader exclusionary history of the American right. Her dissertation will be titled “The Great Divide: Lost Cause Syndrome and American National Identity.” This primary research agenda applies the theoretical frameworks of the nationalism, American politics, and comparative politics literatures as well as techniques and empirical methodologies from the digital humanities.
While studying the rhetoric of the American right’s impact on American national identity, Ana has expanded focus into the logics of Accusation in a Mirror and the ensuing cult of victimization it lends itself to. She is working on co-authored pieces with Dr. Amilcar Antonio Barreto investigating these connections.

Articles Under Review

“The Imagined Fragile Community: The Alt-Right and Cult of Victimhood” (With Dr. Amilcar Antonio Barreto). Under review as of 02/2022.

Conference Presentations

“The Imagined Fragile Community: The Alt-Right and Politics of Victimhood” at Southern Political Science Association (SPSA) Conference, San Antonio, January 2022
(with Dr. Amilcar Antonio Barreto)

“Reparations and Education: A Comparative Discourse on Reckoning in Germany and the US” at Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) Conference, New York, May 2021 (with Jennifer Ostojski)

Research Interests:

Nationalism, American Politics, the American Far-Right, Fascism, Political Ideologies, Political Thought

Contact info:
960A Renaissance Park
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