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Benjamin Cooper Gould

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS
Master of Public Policy

Graduated in 2021

Benjamin Cooper Gould graduated in fall 2021 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Politics, Philosophy & Economics, and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. He was a member of the first class of students to enter Northeastern as a PPE major, and he immediately found a home, both in the program, and in the Philosophy and Religion Department that houses PPE. The intersectionality of the program has allowed him to discover and pursue a diverse set of interests, like education equity, climate justice, game theory, and mutual aid. Between his academic pursuits and the opportunities that he had outside the classroom, he has gained a strong sense of social responsibility, in addition to the tools with which to affect meaningful change in the fields that have become passions for him.

Benjamin’s Path

“Between the remarkable classes I have been able to take, the research and extracurricular opportunities that I have had, and the personal support and guidance that I have received, I have felt like the Philosophy and Religion Department has truly been my first home here at Northeastern, and as I’m getting ready to graduate and move on from my undergrad experience, I am very grateful to have had this department as my own for the past four, and soon to be five, years.”

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