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Betzamel Lopez


Graduated in 2018

When Betzamel was a high school senior in the Dominican Republic, she knew she wanted to become a physician – that was the easy part. A combination of coursework and both personal and professional life experiences had guided her to that decision. What was harder, though, was deciding on a major. In the Dominican Republic, medicine is a major in itself, and students enroll in medical school directly after high school. Thus, it was hard to imagine choosing another major before she could go into the “major” that she really wanted, which was medicine.

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Betzamel’s Path

I often get the following comment, with a puzzled look: “Economics and pre-med, that’s an odd combination.” This is often followed by, “Why did you choose such an odd combination?” Before giving a long-winded explanation, I usually answer the question in my mind first, “Why not?”

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