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Christine Beluk

Human Services/Sociology, BS


Christine transferred to Northeastern at the beginning of her sophomore year.  “I declared a combined major as I loved how sociology delved into focusing on societal issues and human services took a proactive approach on solving them.  Taking “Human Services Professions” my first year at Northeastern really propelled me into experiential learning.  The logic being, by studying social problems and attending a university that had so many experiential learning opportunities, I’d be prepared to pursue a career to help alleviate them.”

Christine’s Path

“The people in the Human Services Program are truly exceptional. The faculty, staff, and students are driven by beliefs rooted in social justice and activism. Going to class and collaborating with individuals dedicating their education and lives to strive for the common good is hands down, the most inspiring learning environment. I wanted to be a part of a community that approached complexity with energy, empathy, and a commitment to making the world a better place.”

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