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Claire Tratnyek

PhD in History

Claire A. Tratnyek is a doctoral student in history studying demographic shifts in the Boston Public Schools system, and the uses of images in history textbooks and museum curricula.  Before returning to Northeastern for her PhD, Claire taught elementary and middle school in Boston for nine years, and holds teaching licenses in History, ESL, Elementary Education, and Special Education.  Claire earned her BA in European History and Anthropology from Franklin Pierce College, and MA degrees in History and in Teaching from Northeastern University. As a PhD history student, Claire spreads her knowledge and experience concerning the different ways history impacts our future into the classroom and other academic institutions. Her experiential learning at Northeastern University, has given her firsthand experience with these effects and allowed her to engage with the community. She uses her scholarly skills, as well as her teaching experience, to identify and rectify educational gaps in the hopes of propelling change.    

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Claire’s Path

“Northeastern recognizes the value in connecting pragmatic, non-academic experiences with traditional university learning opportunities – not everyone wants to work on projects that have a purely academic audience of experts, and these ‘real world’ experiences allow graduate students to do work that may be more public-facing or wide-reaching.”

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