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Elizabeth Williams

Sociology, PhD

Graduated in 2016

Armed with a Master’s in Urban Sociology, Elizabeth Williams was looking for a PhD program that was affiliated with policy-based research centers, and she found her home at The Dukakis Center in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. From day one, she took advantage of the various teaching, research, and project opportunities she had at her disposal and her experience resulted in a fruitful career in transportation equity work after graduation. She still looks back fondly at her time at Northeastern as the institution that gave her the resources and skills that led her to where she is now.

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Elizabeth’s Path

“It’s funny, because we’re often on calls, and we realize at some point that every single person on the call is a Northeastern person, either across MassDOT or the T. Northeastern casts a wide net. When I say that you have a built-in network because you went to Northeastern, it’s your students, your co-workers, but also your professors and other colleagues that you’ve worked with. Most of my professional experiences in Boston have been offshoots of Northeastern.”

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