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Francesca Batault

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS


Francesca’s childhood was spent growing up in South Africa as a member of the Born Free generation, the first generation born after the end of Apartheid. Inspired by the incredible progress since Apartheid, she realized that change can truly be made through the dedication of a single individual, and that this has the potential to create an incredible ripple effect. With a strong desire to learn, she focused her studies on the political, economic and social structures that would fundamentally transform the country that had ignited her passion towards creating a more just and peaceful world for every individual. Francesca completed a B.S. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, in the Spring of 2019.

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Francesca ’s Path

Francesca believed that the PPE program was more than just a major. It offered the qualitative and quantitative skills needed to enable sizable and lasting change in the world. This is made possible through an interdisciplinary approach to all three disciplines, where students are given the theoretical political and economic frameworks and these are combined with thoughtful consideration of the conscience and dignity of human beings.

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