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Genesis Barco-Medina

English PhD Student

Genesis Bateman’s (Barco Medina) research locates itself at the intersection of public life and hidden narratives. Genesis invites scholarship on community literacy to be more inclusive of undocumented lived experiences by investing her research in the often invisible, overlooked, and nuanced discourses and writing of immigrants living undocumented in the US. As a scholar committed to community and community-based ethics, Genesis spends time with several organizations and local leaders that work to protect, help, and empower immigrants. Genesis centers the importance of community, love, and justice around her writing pedagogy and has taught First Year Writing, Interdisciplinary Writing, and Technical Writing. She also has experience teaching community-engaged and service-learning writing courses.

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Previous Institutions: Auburn University (BA, MA)

Program and Fields: PhD Writing and Rhetoric; Public Theory, Community Literacy, Immigrant and Undocumented Experiences, Critical-Race Theory & LatCrit, Feminist Rhetorical Methodologies, Border Rhetorics

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