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Isabella Carlsson

Economics/Philosophy, BS


Isabella began her studies at Northeastern University having taken only one philosophy class previously at her high school in Miami. While she enjoyed that class very much, she did not know what other philosophy classes might be like at the college level. Entering as an undeclared major her first semester at Northeastern, she decided to take PHIL 1115 “Introduction to Logic.” This course opened the door to the rest of the discipline for her. Isabella also had an interest in economics and it is her interest in economics that drove her interest in philosophy and her decision to pursue a B.S. in philosophy and economics with a minor in computer science.

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Isabella’s Path

“The skills you learn doing philosophy apply to so many other fields. The faculty members at Northeastern are brilliant and bring out the best in their students. They are part of the reason I chose to do philosophy. I could not have come this far without their guidance.”

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