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Kaleem Ahmid

Philosophy and Health Science, BS

Graduated in 2020

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kaleem had always wanted to help people and thought the best way to so would be to be as a physician. He entered Northeastern as a pre-med health science student, but soon realized his love of philosophy during his NUPath coursework. Through academic research with faculty, Kaleem developed a strong interest in the concept of effective altruism, and came to find ways to make a bigger impact beyond becoming a doctor.

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Kaleem’s Path

“About 30% of what I have gained from my time at NEU has come through coursework–the rest has come from building relationships with peers and faculty in the philosophy department, participating in research I care about, exploring extracurricular interests, engaging with the local community, and thinking about ways to change the world. ”

Kaleem is currently employed at Effective Ventures Foundation as the Project Manager for Boston and NYC Property.

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