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Kyle Oddis

English PhD Candidate

Kyle’s research explores evolving roles of writing assessment, curriculum, and pedagogy within frameworks of institutional and organizational values. Kyle uses mixed qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to consider how digital tools negotiate writing processes and practices across “writing sites” (writing programs, writing classrooms, and writing centers) and emphasizes values of access and equity in document design and program development. As the Project Manager of the Northeastern University Writing Program Digital Public Archive, Kyle’s work addresses the rhetoric of classification, data ethics, and public engagement. Focusing also on neurodiversity and design, Kyle’s work foregrounds proactive and innovative approaches to the teaching and learning of writing and encourages cross-institutional/organizational collaboration in multidisciplinary research teams.

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Previous Institutions: Loyola Marymount University (BA), Northeastern University (MA)

Program and Fields: PhD; Writing Studies; writing analytics, writing assessment, writing curriculum & pedagogy, data ethics, institutional & organizational values, digital archives, neurodiversity, design thinking/UDL

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