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Liam MacLean

PhD in World History

Liam MacLean graduated with a BA in Journalism from Boston University in 2018 and an MA in History from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2019. Liam’s previous research was focused on interrogating the British Left’s response to the Ruhr Crisis, and Liam’s current research will also seek to challenge understandings of the Left’s motivations and goals. Liam’s current research focuses on the modern German Left, particularly in understanding the shifting anti-capitalist movements after World War II, and more specifically on the German Left during the 1990s, especially in light of the Revolution of 1989 and the subsequent reunification.  

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Cohort: 2020

Research Interests: East Germany, Contemporary History, Labor History, History of the Internet, Digital Humanities, and 3D and VR Technologies

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