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Maggie King

International Affairs, BA | Political Science, BA


Maggie is a transfer student who came to Northeastern in the fall of 2017. She grew up in rural central New York, where she spent her childhood playing in the woods, swimming in lakes, and reading every book she could get her hands on. Maggie was attracted to Northeastern because of the experiential learning opportunities. She transferred to Northeastern in order to pursue her passion for human rights and sustainable development. She is currently Program Coordinator at University of Alaska Fairbanks, College of Rural and Community Development.

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Maggie’s Path

Maggie is passionate about seeking creative solutions to inequality across the world. Focusing on human rights, she pays particular attention to women activists and politicians who are breaking down barriers and replacing them with ideas of equality and justice.  Maggie is interested in using the bridge between academia and activism to amplify the ideas of marginalized people for justice and equality.  She hopes to apply her curiosity to a career with an international organization that employs a grassroots political approach to research and activism.

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