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Molly Nebiolo

Ph.D. in History

I am a doctoral candidate in the world history program with a B.A. in history and biology from Butler University. I am interested in how early colonial perceptions of the body influenced the construction of urban landscapes and how urban space shaped the understand of health in return. Most of my work centers around the Anglo- and French- Atlantic world during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Some of the questions that drive my work are who had a right to be healthy in colonial urban places and what constitutes “urban” in a period before cities were constructed? I also consider myself a digital historian and have completed the graduate certificate in digital humanities offered at Northeastern. I am most interested in how digital skills are incorporated into classroom teaching and how to visualize and represent early colonial spaces using digital tools. Most of my DH experience comes from the numerous projects I have completed for the Digital Scholarship Group and the NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks. A complete list of the digital projects I have been a part of, and a copy of my curriculum vitae, can be found on my personal website

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Cohort: 2017

Research Interests: North American and Atlantic world history; colonialism in world history; history of science; history of public health; spatial history; digital history

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