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Reza Akhtar

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS

Born in the Virginian suburbs of Washington, D.C., Reza grew up in the political and historical environment of the capital. Until his senior year of high school, he saw himself pursuing a STEM field. That changed when he took Advanced Placement courses in literature and Latin, both of which helped him develop a greater appreciation for the humanities. He began his studies at Northeastern with a plan to finish with a BS in Linguistics. However, after taking a couple of inspiring classes — CS 2510: Fundamentals of Computer Science and ECON 1116: Principles of Microeconomics — during his first two years, he reimagined his academic and professional paths and is now pursuing a Computer Science and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) combined major with a concentration in Law and Justice, as well as a minor in Linguistics.  

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Reza’s Path

“During my first two years, I found myself pursuing subjects according to my interests, and that landed me with a split between linguistics, computer science, and PPE. I decided to pursue a combined major in PPE and CS, as I wanted to learn more about the material in these fields and recognized the need for the intersection of these disciplines in modern society. With the rapid advancement of technology, the relationship between technology and regulation becomes more disparate and daunting.”    

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