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Roshny Roy

English PhD student

Roshny (she/her) is a PhD student focusing on multilingual writing, migration theories, and literacies. During her time as a Writing Consultant, she started pinning terms to the many writing and speaking strategies that she had been using as a multilingual speaker/writer. She realized how many non-native English speakers and writers struggle academically and emotionally with the norms of Standard English. This pushed her to dig deeper into how our multilinguality informs the way we speak and write English. Since then, she has attended conferences and engaged in projects that move to enact racial and linguistic justice in academic spaces. Her M.A. thesis, “Immigrants in Writing,” is an ongoing project that highlights the devaluation of languages and literacies practiced by expatriates from within her community, while questioning the impact of migration on one’s identity and culture.

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a candid photo of Roshny sitting in a restaurant. She is smiling and wearing a denim jacket with her hair pulled back.


Previous Institutions: St. John’s University (MA); Concordia College (BA)

Program and Fields: PhD; composition and rhetoric, migration theories, multilingual writing, literacies

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