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Saina Sheini

PhD in Law and Public Policy

Saina is a PhD candidate in Law and Public Policy in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affair. She is a data scientist interested in discovering the underlying patterns of urbanization and development along with urban sustainability and resilience through big data. She has done research on the resilience of the energy and transport sectors in the metro-Boston region under normal operating conditions and in light of a shock to these sectors, such as an extreme weather event, developing a network that captures how various agencies and other entities interact with each other. For the Spring Semester, she was placed in the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).

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She is now helping to develop a social media-based methodology for measuring and observing the social resilience of communities. Her Research Interests include,Sustainable development,Environmental sustainability, Sustainable buildings, Building Energy Efficiency,Renewable and clean energy,Assessing the level of sustainability in organizations and projects,Sustainable construction methods,Social and environmental sustainability implementation in urban projects,Urban sustainability.

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