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Sayyara Huseynli

PhD in World History

Sayyara is a first-year Ph.D. student at Northeastern University, enrolled in the World History program. Her research interests revolve around the origins of cultural and political inequities in Azerbaijani museums following the collapse of the Soviet Union. To delve into this topic, she plans to adopt a diversity, equity, access, and accessibility lens and analyze sources from countries within the former USSR region. Additionally, Sayyara aims to create a toolkit for museum practitioners interested in critically reflecting on the impact of colonialist history on their field and employing more inclusive practices. Before pursuing her Ph.D., Sayyara completed her master’s degree in Museum Education at Tufts University. While there, she interned at the Boston Children’s Museum, where she researched and digitized provenance information for two objects in the museum’s collection—one from Sri Lanka and another from Iran. Following this experience, Sayyara worked at Old North Church as a Visitor Interviewer in a reckoning project focused on uncovering stories related to the connection of the church congregants with slavery. Before moving to the US, Sayyara earned her undergraduate degree in Management Science from Azerbaijani State Economic University in Baku, Azerbaijan. She then led the Education team and undertook various exhibition-based research projects at YARAT Contemporary Art Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. One of her notable projects was examining the biographies of Azerbaijani poets from the 13th to the 20th century who faced persecution by the state due to their literary creations. The findings of this research were embedded into the “For in Your Tongue I Cannot Fit” exhibition and later into a book publication by contemporary artist Shilpa Gupta.

Cohort: 2023

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