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Summer Marion

PhD Candidate in Political Science, International Relations & Public Policy

Graduated in 2022

Summer’s research focuses on how philanthropic foundations influence governance institutions during global health emergencies. She holds specialities in global governance, international organizations, health security, and philanthropy. Her work on this topic began when she led a project on humanitarian response during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Prior to her time at Northeastern, Summer worked as a journalist and editor in Washington, D.C., held multiple research positions, and managed instructional development of online courses in Public Policy and Public Health at Harvard University. She is currently a predoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, where she contributes to a project examining cross-border measures states have taken in response to COVID-19 and prior disease outbreaks. She was drawn to Northeastern’s PhD program because of the unique combination of methodological expertise and policy relevance among the Political Science department faculty.

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Summer’s Path

“The interdisciplinary faculty both within and outside of my program have profoundly shaped my experience. I am particularly grateful to my dissertation committee, Professors Daniel Aldrich, Mai’a Cross, Emily Clough, and Richard Wamai, among many others, for their efforts beyond the scope of the classroom to support my development as a policy-relevant scholar.”

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