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Tieanna Graphenreed

English PhD Student

Tieanna Graphenreed is a third-year Writing & Rhetoric PhD student in the Department of English at Northeastern University.  Tieanna’s research focuses primarily on Black citizenship, and her research areas span Writing studies and Rhetorical Education, Critical Geographies of Race and Space, Spatial Rhetorics, and Digital Humanities. Tieanna is currently a Research Fellow with the Digital Integration Teaching Initiative (DITI) and NULab at Northeastern University, as well as a Research Assistant to Professor Mya Poe. Previously, she served as the Assistant Director of the Writing Center (2020-2021) and as the Metadata and Pedagogy Lead for the Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA) housed at Northeastern University. When not working on theories of writing and classroom space, some of Tieanna’s other ongoing projects include indexing and mapping the circulation and effect of the early 20th century African American children’s magazine The Brownies’ Book. 

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Previous Institutions: Auburn University (M.A.)

Program and Fields: PhD Writing and Rhetoric; Citizenship and Legal Rhetorics, Critical Geography, Spatial Rhetorics, Archival Methods

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