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Vishal Makhijani

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS


Originally from New York, Vishal knew he wanted to enter a career related to policy and public service. Throughout high school, he was involved with debate and Model United Nations and this reinforced his interest in policy and public service. Vishal completed a B.S. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) with a concentration in law and justice and a minor in international affairs. Currently, Vishal is an Analyst for Advisory Services with the Nonprofit Finance Fund in New York.

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Vishal ’s Path

Vishal switched to the PPE program after studying in the business school for almost three years in order to engage in a more interdisciplinary academic experience at Northeastern. He finds that the dimensions added by the PPE courses offer a more critical lens of economic and capitalist systems and paint a fuller picture of society. Vishal hopes a degree in PPE can eventually prepare him for a career in urban planning with the importance of inclusive forms of development in cities.

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