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What can you do with a social sciences degree?

Students walk through Snell Quad on May 14, 2019.

A social science degree focuses on the study of human behavior, relationships, and society. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, fostering development of hard and soft skills alike. At CSSH, social sciences programs combine traditional classroom learning with experiential academics. Through meaningful engagements with research, co-op, and study abroad, students embark on rewarding academic paths. Below are only some examples of social science disciplines, which form some of our most popular majors, minors, and graduate degrees.


Economics is the study of economic systems, market structures, and economic policies. It examines production and consumption at the micro and macro levels, including concepts such as inflation, supply and demand, and game theory. Offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, students develop strong critical thinking, analytical, and quantitative skills. Potential career industries include finance and government.

Political Science

In political science, students explore and analyze the breadth of the American government, including its systems, international relations, and principles. Graduates with this degree leave with in-depth political knowledge necessary for successful careers in government, consulting, law, and advocacy organizations. Beyond the fundamentals of a BA or BS undergraduate program, specialized master’s degrees such as resilience studies further prepare students to tackle domestic and international issues relevant to the 21st century. 

Public Policy and Administration

A social science degree focusing on public policy and/or public administration equips students with the tools to navigate a career in public service. CSSH’s specialized programs, such as MS in Urban Planning and Policy or MS in Urban Informatics inform future leaders how to develop sustainable policy solutions and use data to understand the social, environmental, and infrastructural challenges cities face. With co-op positions in local governments and research-based courses, students gain critical experience by directly interacting with communities to address their policy concerns. 

International Affairs 

A BA or MA degree in international affairs gives students the global perspectives and cultural competence that lead to thriving careers in diplomacy, international business, non-profit work, and more. With a wide range of course offerings in global dynamics and regional analysis, graduates of these programs can tackle high-level decision-making, policy analysis, and more. World language requirements provide further opportunities to connect with employers, creating a global career network.

How will you stand out with a social science degree?

No matter what the discipline, a CSSH social science degree stands out from the crowd. Students develop marketable skills in communication, leadership, and research that are elevated by experiential learning opportunities. Practical experience combined with traditional academics makes for an advanced social sciences education like no other. 

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