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Winners of the 2019-20 Outstanding Teaching Awards

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the 2019/20 CSSH Outstanding Teaching Awards:

Candice Delmas, Assistant Professor, Department Philosophy and Political ScienceWith this award, the college acknowledges Candice Delmas’s deliberate approach to teaching that creates a challenging, diverse and inclusive classroom environment for students to debate important topics of the day using the tools of philosophy. Delmas equips students to engage philosophical, ethical, and legal questions to excite students exploration of abiding philosophical questions relevant to current social issues. She works with her students through contemporary ethical debates about social problems in law, civil disobedience, whistleblowing in organizations, and domestic surveillance. Her pedagogy creatively encourages participation with peers in small groups, debates, Moot Courts, and peer assessment.

Angela Kilby, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
With this award, the college recognizes Angela Kilby’s interdisciplinary curriculum in health economics, human behavior, and healthcare and her multimodal pedagogy that blend podcasts, popular websites, and economic research. Her deliberative teaching helps to make health economics research approachable and immediately relevant to students’ lives. Her practical engagement with health economics and current events demonstrate her ability to make mathematical approaches to complex topics understandable. Students routinely acknowledge the difficulty level of the course and praise Angela Kilby’s command of the topic and innovative instruction.

Ellen Noonan, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of English
The college recognizes Ellen Noonan as an exceptional teacher of writing and creative writing who facilitates inclusive spaces where students become collaborators and co-creators. The committee was impressed with the sheer magnitude, breadth and depth of her impact on student learning.  She has developed and taught many courses, and she has contributed to the department, the college, and the university in a variety of service roles. Her desire for continuous improvement shows her deep commitment to teaching and learning that equips students with much needed skills in both self-expression and self-reflection. Her creative assignments and peer workshop methods are equally impressive.

Edward F. Kammerer, Part Time Instructor, Department of Political Science
With this award, the college recognizes Edward Kammerer’s commitment to helping students question the world around them with careful and thoughtful scaffolding of learning, assignments, and participation in life inside and outside of Northeastern. The committee was impressed with Professor Kammerer’s  ability to connect legal issues with the values that underpin them, thereby having students understand, question and examine the roots of law. His student evaluations describe him as a tough and fair grader and a passionate and interesting instructor. His philosophy to provide students with tools to ask and explore questions, to challenge their own thinking, and to understand that the law is not neutral, makes an important contribution to students learning within and beyond the discipline.

Justin Haner, PhD Doctoral Candidate, Department of Political Science
With this award, the college recognizes Justin Haner’s effectiveness as an instructor of comparative politics, international relations, and international law and commends his curricular innovation in these arenas. His student-centered approach, well-prepared materials, and thoughtful teaching philosophy demonstrate his dedication to teaching. He brings complex topics, personal experiences, critical perspectives and methodological innovations to the classroom in a way that is greatly appreciated by the students.

We would like to thank the members of the selection committee, the 2018-2019 CSSH Outstanding Teaching Award Winners, for their good work: Chris Parsons (History), Alicia Sasser Modestino (School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Department of Economics), Aaron Block (English), Ruth Economou (Human Services Program School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs), and Ieke De Vries (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice). Many thanks also to our anonymous donors for their generosity in funding the awards.

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