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Edwards receives CSSH Outstanding Teaching Awards

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Laurie Edwards was named as a recipient of an Outstanding Teaching Award for 2016 by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. Congratulations, Laurie!

The following statement is from the award announcement:

Outstanding Teaching Award: Full-time Non-Tenure-Track:

Professor Laurie Edwards, Department of English and Writing Program. With this award, the committee recognizes Professor Edwards’ integration of the liberal arts with disciplinary expertise in the health sciences; her consistently outstanding student evaluations; her innovations both in face-to-face and online teaching; and her effective leadership as Director of Advanced Writing in the Disciplines and Online Instruction Coordinator for the Writing Program. As her nominator wrote, she is not only “fabulously successful by every metric” as a teacher—she is also a model for other teachers in the Writing Program and, we would add, across the college and university.

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