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Advanced Writing in the Business Administration Professions

Provides writing instruction for students in the College of Business Administration. Students practice and reflect on writing in professional, public, and academic genres, such as proposals, recommendation reports, letters, presentations, and emails, relevant for careers in business. In a workshop setting, students evaluate a wide variety of sources and develop expertise in audience analysis, critical research, peer review, and revision.


  • Must be enrolled in one of the following Majors: Business Administration (BSAD); Bus Admin/Interactive Media (BUIM); Comp Sci/Business Admin (CSBA); Economics/Business Admin (ECBA); International Business (INBU); Information Science (INSC); Information Sci/Business Admin (ISBA); Mathematics/Busines Admin (MABA); Political Science/Business Admin (POBA).
  • Must be enrolled in one of the following Classes: Junior (JR); Senior(SR).
  • All others need to contact the English department.

Multilingual Student Support

  • Multilingual sections of this course are sometimes available; students need to submit a course survey and receive an override before they can register.

ENGW 3304 Experiences

Andrew Florendo (BSBA ’22, Finance & Computer Science minor):“My biggest takeaways from this course were becoming more concise in my writing and more mindful of the audience every time I write. [. . .] Organizing my thoughts in fewer words than usual has also allowed me to become more detailed and alert when I’m revising and editing as well.” Read more.
Celia Toro Colombo (BSBA ’19, Finance & Business Analytics minor):“My advice is to really focus on how much you can learn from the other students in the class especially those you will do peer reviews with. I think this is something that is unique to a writing course as opposed to a Business course.” Read more.