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Northeastern Writing Program Receives the CCCC Certificate of Excellence

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The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) has awarded the Northeastern Writing Program its Certificate of Excellence. The CCCC review committee chair wrote in announcing the award that “With a deep commitment to honoring students’ literate experiences, Northeastern University’s Writing Program is at the forefront of both writing research and pedagogical innovation. This program makes a strong case for the positive and inextricable connection between research and teaching. The Selection Committee lauds Northeastern University’s Writing Program for its commitment to shared governance, and at every level, they appreciate the ways in which students, teachers, and faculty are treated with respect and care.”

In announcing the award to the English Department, Laura Green, Department Chair, added that “the Certificate designation is a testament to the dedication and accomplishment of the Writing Program faculty at all levels—its leadership and administration, its gifted instructors, and the thoughtful and innovative programming and pedagogy that together they provide. I’m delighted that they have received this recognition.”

Representatives of the Writing Program will receive the certificate at the awards session of the annual CCC convention in Tampa, Florida, in March, 2015. For more information about the Certificate of Excellence designation, please see

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