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The Northeastern Africana Studies Program has a rich history of intellectual engagement, student activism, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Play the video above for a brief overview of some courses the program offers and recent events hosted by Africana Studies.

Thank you to student and co-op Maya Baumann for compiling these images and text.

A Long History

The Africana Studies program at Northeastern University has taken many forms in the past 50 years. We are deeply indebted to the students, faculty, administrators, and community members who have been instrumental in building a strong foundation for us to exist today. We would not be here without the past and present contributions of students and faculty who helped to secure funding and institutional support for the program’s development. The program would not be what it is now without over half a century’s worth of tireless campaigning, organizing, and strategizing led by student activists and propelled community partners.

Click here to learn more about the history of the Northeastern Africana Studies Program.

Africana Studies is a truly interdisciplinary and global program. Students engage the field’s interdisciplinary nature through coursework in various units across Northeastern’s campus or by combining Africana Studies with another subject. Students in the program can choose to focus their studies across the global African Diaspora, including within the United States, the Caribbean, and/or Europe. Graduates with Africana Studies degrees have become doctors, lawyers, entertainers, politicians, public health professionals, diplomats, professors, astronauts, journalists, engineers, artists, poets, executives, entrepreneurs, and more.