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A project to increase awareness for the Black transgender community in the United States of America, and their treatment under a system that is built to oppress them

My name is Sonya, and I am the Africana Studies Co-op during Spring 2022! This webpage is the culmination of the independent research project I worked on throughout the entirety of my co-op. Being pre-law, and a criminal justice minor, I wanted to incorporate field-relevant research into my co-op. Additionally, being involved with other student organizations such as the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center prior to going on co-op, I wanted to increase collaboration between Africana Studies and other affinity groups and safe spaces on campus.

Ultimately, this resulted in Intersectional Justice, which aims to promote more advocacy for the Black Transgender community, who has long been overlooked, especially in the criminal justice system. The research I’ve conducted and compiled includes the following: