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AHALab Launch with March 2024 Residency. The Vibrancy of Needs: Body/Form/Justice

Message From Director:

The March 2024 “The Vibrancy of Needs: Body/Form/Justice” Residency marks the launch of the new Arts & Humanities Social Action Lab at Northeastern, which is part of the Ethics Institute!  

The AHAlab is dedicated to promoting generative arts & humanities collaborations for new knowledge and praxis with community members, civic organizers, grassroots artists, and activists from across the urban places in which Northeastern is embedded, centering restorative civic engagement, movement building, grassroots cultural documentation, and urban problem-solving for social justice.

Program Information:

During the month of March, Kenneth Bailey (Founder and Co-Director) and Judith Leemann (Ecologies of Mind Lead) of The Design Studio for Social Intervention (ds4si) – the renowned Dorchester-based artist research and community development group – join as Visiting Fellows the CSSH’s Arts & Humanities Social Action Lab (AHAlab), directed by Kris Manjapra. 

Under the heading “For the Vibrancy of Needs: Form/Soma/Justice” the residency encompasses a StudyLab and public events for faculty, students, and staff, in a cross- and anti-disciplinary inquiry into theories and embodiments of justice rooted in experiences of common need blurring the line between the campus and the community.

Updated dates to be announced soon.