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Northeastern University offers many Undergraduate classes that uphold and honor the mission of the Brudnick Center for the Study of Violence and Conflict.


These classes seek solutions to problems of hostility and hatred based on group differences, and teach Undergraduate Students to learn about differences and engage with others in the hopes of becoming leaders in the prevention of conflict and violence in our world today.

Graduate Courses at Northeastern University offer Graduate students a way to further explore the areas of conflict and violence and its resolution. Graduate students have the opportunity to conduct meaningful research while upholding the Brudnick Center for the Study of Violence and Conflict’s main mission. Students may initiate research projects and educational endeavors in the area of inter-group conflict and violence. Some examples include, inter-group tensions and violence in the schools, state-sponsored terrorism, hate crimes, international conflict and warfare, hate speech on campus, skinhead activity, religious persecution, and organized hate groups.